The smiling coast

Voetbal academie Brufut

Alles lag op de grond, boven op en onder elkaar, door elkaar, een grote puinhoop.

Hier moest iets veranderen anders had het totaal geen nut om nog kleding etc. te brengen.

Het hele hok leeg gemaakt, aangeveegd met een gambiaans stoffer en blik, geweldig.

Met hulp van Rut en Jakobe in elkaar gezet, en ingedeeld door Anneke.

Het zag er toppie uit en uit onderstaand emailtje blijkt hoe blij ze ermee zijn.111

Dutch couples Ruth and Anneka Assendelft, have donated shelves and football materials to the Brufut based Gilkock Football Academy. Receiving the materials on behalf of the academy Buba K Jallow, the Technical Director said he has no words to express how he feels receiving the materials from the Dutch couples.“Since we came in contact with these Dutch couples they have been our partners so, i definately have no words for these people.They are true friends of the academy.”It could be recalled that way back in 2009, Ruth and Anneka visited the Gilkock Football Academy store at the Brufut Lower Basic School and were not pleased with the way materials were arranged and promised to help rearrange the store.According to Ruth, he has been working on transforming the Gilkock store from a local store to a store that look like that of a professional club. “These materials we fixed here today makes this store more spacious compared to the previous times. The room is more specious now than before and now you can arrange the kits in a more organised manner ,” he stated.Apart from the shelves, the Dutch nationals who have been friends of the Brufut based football academy also presented four sets of football jerseys, thirty footballs and some football materials to be used by the academy.One of the players of the academy was quoted as saying, “We can’t pay these couples but we will continue to pray for them but we as players must also work hard in realizing our objectives because we have what most football academies don’t have in this country.”